How to play :

  • Move with the arrows and press space to hold and drop the drinks when you are on the bottle or on the bar
  • There is also trash can if you don't want a drink in your hand 
  • (You lose point if you don't give the right drink or if there is nobody to take it)

Buggy World 🐛🐛

In a futur civilisation in an empty world where nature took back it's deserved reign, you are the last human and also a barman in an outdoor saloon. Try to serve as much clients before the end of your shift !

Well, it was suppose to be way more dark but I panicked, but I am happy nevertheless. My first Trijam, and my first less than 48h game ! (it's a buggy Buggy World tho) 

(made for Trijam #153 : Empty world)

Music Doing it alright by Dr Sparkles, sound from FesliyanStudios, palette Evening12, and font in the cover Mixo 


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I like it! I enjoy this kind of fast-paced game where you are always being pushed. Great work