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๐Ÿ” Capucine's Garden ๐ŸŒป

Spring is finally here and Capucine just moved to her new house, with a garden that is in need of a refresh. Let's get gardening !

Plant flowers, bushes and trees, place beautiful decorations, and create new paths. Make the most beautiful garden in this relaxing sandbox game, and don't forget to take a screenshot of your final garden and post it in the comments !


This game was made in 15 days or so, for the Great Spring Game Jam 2022 organized by Firith Studio. It was a real joy to work on this game, and I hope you can feel that in the game.

Special thanks to Ruca and Johan for their last minute playtest, and my sister for her enthousiasm.

  •  Musics : Cross-country Flight, Family Holiday, The Game by Dee Yan-Key 
  • Sounds are all from Zapsplat (wonderful ressources)
  • Palettes by Tofu (here)

My twitter where you can send me your garden picture ! I am maybe planning on continuing it, so if you have suggestion I'll be happy to hear them 

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Tagscalm, Chicken, flower, Game Jam, garden, Gardening, Life Simulation, Relaxing, spring


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masterpiece ! Thank YOU Daelou ! 


WOW you should make it a fully fleged game like stardew valley. the game is so good.

much better than mine.

P.S Sry i was busy so i was not able to rate it.


Punaise mais meilleur jeux du monde excusez moi mais c'est magnifique et tellement de fun !! 

merci !


the graphics are great and the movement of grass and trees when you go near them is great! you can actually make this game better by making the screen a little big cuz i cant see the text  on it sometimes. I also like that it starts to rain sometimes!


this game is beautiful! holy shit, what a lovely lil experience!!! can absolutely feel the joy in it <3

thank you ! I am glad you had a great time !