(work on tablet or phone too (but better on computer))

🧀 Cheese and Leek 🥦

Cook by assembling the healthy and fresh ingredients with the not so healthy and fresh ingredients ! Find the perfect balance between the good greasy fried chicken and the perfect refreshing cauliflower, and make your customers, the happiest one ! Also don't melt the ice cream please.

Two restaurants (a diner and an ice cream café) and 10 levels !


This was my participation for the WannaxYam Game Jam 2022 but also the MGDP game jam 2022 (started thinking about the game after the start of WannaxYam Game Jam with the two themes in mind)

(After the WannaxYam Game Jam 2022 ended, I added one restaurant (5 levels) for the MGDP game jam)

Special thanks to Daphdaph, Bogy for the playtesting, and Lea for finding the carrot mistake and the ingredients based on the shapes. And big thank you to everyone who played the game after the first release !

The real belgian waffle is a Liege waffle (the best kind of waffle) ðŸ§‡â¤ï¸

My twitter where you can send me your wonderful instagramable food pictures.

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Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Game Jam, Indie, jazz, reflexion, restaurant, Singleplayer


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i legit said this out loud

"oh no, my soup is too healthy."

Thank you for the best comment ever ! (And for playing my games !)


i should be the one thanking you for your lovely games!


Good soup (good game), really love the art for this!! 

Thank you so much ! There will be 5 more levels this week end so stay tuned !

(1 edit) (+1)

Such a fun puzzle game! And the art is super quirky and awesome, well done on the whole game! 🤗

Also, I think that I can talk for the whole of Belgium and say that this is indeed not a Belgian waffel! 😅 But it is ok nonetheless because you did your best! 😂


Thank you again !

Yes, I didn't have much time left to draw the waffle, I am ashamed that I didn't start with that as a Belgian person. The waffle should have had my whole attention and care... This is not acceptable.