(You can hold the wheel for the water !!!)

🌭 The Hot-Dog Place

Work as a Hot-Dog vendor for a day at the neatest Hot-Dog place under the train station and make delicious hot-dog for the happiest clients !

(Just, please be carreful  of the water level, water is pourring in  when it rain and the ceiling might break at the next train's passage)

Have a nice day !


Controls : 

- Choose the ingredients depending on the client's order

- Mini games from left to right : click when the bars are overlapping, click multiple time and fast, click and hold until the bars touches

- Get rid of the water by holding the wheel near the water bar ! people tends to not understand that


The sound might be loud when the train passes so don't hesitate to lower your volume.

  • Music : Heebie-Jebbies and Chilling Oot at Skynet by Graham Bole, The four of us are dying by Nine Inch Nails, DRAMA by Figurative Theatre
  • Sounds are from Freesound
  • Font : CarrickDancing by David Rakowski

The game was made in a week for the Palette Jam 2 [8 bits to infinity] with the Rampy16 Palette by ANoob.

Have fun, don't forget to leave a comment and thanks for playing !


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1399$$ ?! I wanna sell Hot-Dogs now ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶