☁️ Sugar Angel ☁️

You're at the edge of the sky, about to meet the God of these parts.

On your way to that final encounter, collect all the peaches you'll find in the clouds, for it's the only gift they like. Beware, God will grant you their divine protection only if you'll bring them ten of these magnificient fruits.

You might fall and die along the path, but do not worry: around this corner of the world, one dies easily but has all eternity to accomplish their task.


Game developed in Construct
Graphics and programming by Ema 
Music and sound design by Ruca (Phaenix360)

Made during VimJam in three days, our first Jam together ❤️

Please write your best score in the comments !


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After dying 12 times, i considered 5 peaches enough. Great work!


What a masterpiece, oh SugerAngel. Brought so much happiness into this world ;)

Loved it !

Thank you so much Ben ! I don't know why you and Sander are playing my old games but it makes me really happy !


this game left me peachless ! (u got it ;) )

lol amazing !


The style of this game's art is extremely, unflinchingly, INEXORABLY good. I would eat this on a waffle if it was ice cream. Peach ice cream.

Great job, i liked it very much :)


Thank you !