🌞 The Gossip Village 🌞

Welcome to the village !

You're here to see your friends Eddy, Sonya, Elo and Kelly, and they sure have a ton of gossip to share with you! Feel free to walk around and meet up with them, you'll see, they have an... interesting point of view.

The game offers you a surrealistic walk through a colorful set of characters and is based off semi-generated conversations. It is indeed our proposal for the Game Maker Toolkit's Game Jam 2022, whose theme was "Roll of the dice".


Game concept and game design by Ema and Phaenix360 (check out my Itch.io and my Github pages).

Graphics and programming by Ema.

Music and sound design by Phaenix360.

Made during the GMTK Game Jam 2022 in just two days, our second Jam together ❤️

All images are from Internet Archive Book Images

Feel free to share your favorite bits of conversation from the game in the comments! 


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The best one, congrats !

C twa le best one wsh

de ouf t le best


"Katherine a mangé un set de plongé scintillant" Katherine est un requin ? 

Apparement oui, ou alors elle est très dramatique


"My dog has a beautiful frozen yogurt."  My brain was stun xD. Great Game !!

Thank youuuu